Chickasaw Heritage Center Update

In the previous news post, we introduced you to the new Chickasaw Heritage Center (CHC) Director, Mr. Robert Parker. Since that time Robert has been energetically leading CHC planning efforts and working closely with the CHC Planning Committee. Even amid COVID-19, the CHC project progressed successfully with several internal draft management planning documents. For example, the draft CHC Fundraising Strategy is now complete and currently under review, we anticipate approval and implementation in the near future. One important facet of the Fundraising Strategy is the creation of a Capital Campaign website which is nearly ready to be launched. CHC architectural and exhibit draft design plans are in progress and there will be more to share on this later; however, the CHC Exhibit Planning Team is currently working on artifact and object identification protocol which will determine best practices for the selection of appropriate interpretive items for future display at the CHC. Finally, the draft CHC Operations Management Plan is near completion and it is estimated that the review process will begin in early fall 2021. Please stay tuned for further CHC updates in future newsletters. We welcome all comments, questions and your support in this very special endeavor. To learn more, please visit our website or contact Robert Parker at (662) 842-4176 or by email at [email protected].